Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Things People Don't Know about Greyhounds

1. They are live giant six week old puppies when you adopt them.

Their whole lives have been structured at the track from the time they were born. They have to learn to handle things llike stairs, mirrors, linoleum floors and kids. It is kind of fun to watch as they learn to adjust to the real world - and the adjustment is fast.

Just a couple of trips up the stairs and across a slippery floor is all it takes for them to get used to it. When they look in the mirror they think it is another dog. They love to be petted(especially by kids) but they have to learn to reign in their enthusiasm and may accidentally hurt a small child by running them over basically - they learn to take it easy fast.

2. They are terrible watch dogs.

They are used to being handled almost on a daily basis by people they have never seen. Consequently when you adopt one, if a burglar comes in your house, they will be another welcome stranger.

3. They are couch potatoes. Sure, they need to exercise, but they have spent most of their days in a kennel in a cage. They are perfectly happy to take over the most comfortable spot in the house for 20 hours a day. They are EASILY crate trained and house broken. Many of them are housebroken in the beginning.

4. I used to give older dogs that like to rest to people that prefer that kind of dog (i.e. older people and people with small kids) They are GREAT around nursing homes and sick people. The younger dogs I used to save for people with kids 7 and over and young adults. They need to run a little more.

5. They must have a fenced in yard or someone who is a STICKLER for a leash. They have spent their whole lives taking off at 45 mph when they are turned loose. It takes a few months to change their mindset. If you turn one loose at first they will run away and after a mile or so they will stop and look around for you to give them their water, food and a cooling shower and a kind word for a job well done. They won't be able to figure out why you aren't there and they won't be able to find their way back home. This changes after awhile and they become like any other dog.

6. They can eat normal dog food and treats. They get marshmallows and vanilla wafers for treats in the kennel (they don't have chemicals to give them bad tests). They LOVE bones.

7. They are loyal and loving

8.Many of them need an adjustment period to get used to other small, furry animals. After all they have been chasing them for years. I have had them live with cats, other dogs (small and large) and even a rabbit or two.

9. I used to try to match the dog to the family. Different dogs have different needs as well as each family is different. A dog that is perfect in one family may not work in another.

10. They will love you forever. ADOPT A GREYHOUND.

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