Friday, July 15, 2011

So much for my inaugural swim this year

I finally made it to the pool. After a month of healing for my broken toes I just couldn't drag myself to the pool and put up with all those rambunctious kids jumping on my head! Then I heard about the little used Vandalia pool.

Ahhh....I thought to myself... a little used public pool...peace and quiet.

It took some searching but I found it. It was in the "south hills" area of Charleston which is notorious for getting even the most die hard Charlestonians lost!

Today I went.

I was there for about 10 minutes.

There were only 2 families there when I arrived. "Just lovely," I thought to myself again (but who else would I be thinking to - such an odd expression)

I noticed that everybody was out of the pool and a little girl asked me as she was climbing out of the pool, "who puked in the pool, anyway?"

"I didn't know there was a problem," I said as I looked around and saw everyone packing their stuff as the life guards were skimming the water and pouring a whole gallon of treatment in it.

So I climbed out of the water.

I listened a a mother chastized her child for eating cookies and then promptly getting back into the pool. God forbid that she would have made the child mind and wait a few minutes before getting back in the water after eating. It was much better to allow the child to do as she pleased and have the WHOLE DAMN POOL SHUT DOWN!

People wonder why other people don't want to go around kids.

I left. I decided to roll the dice and go to my old, faithful pool, hoping that it was late enough in the year for the kids to be a little bored with the pool and not be swimming.

Thankfully it was so. I got to float around for an hour or so before the pool closed.

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