Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pam's Miracle Sunburn Cure

I have spent much of my life being sunburned (at least my childhood that is). I had more sense than that once I grew up with a few rare exceptions that mostly couldn't be helped. My mom used to be convinced that I could tan. As a very blonde, fair skinned, freckle faced, blue eyed girl it didn't take me long to learn that it was nearly impossible for me to tan.

Still, year after year, my mom would force me out in the sun to tan. Invariably I would come home burnt to a crisp and she would declare, "oh, it will turn into a tan, just put some noxzema on it." So, I would spend hours in front of a fan, slathered in noxzema, praying for relief.

I came upon my miracle cure quite by accident one time. It is tea tree oil by the way. I was working in a pharmacy and I had been swimming the day before and I was sunburned. I was looking for something that I could spray on my back and I couldn't find anything. I went home and coated the front of my body with aloe vera gel and out of desperation I grabbed a bottle of spray tea tree oil that I had and sprayed it on my back.

It was a miracle!

The next morning the front of my body was still burned. My back was not only NOT burned anymore but it had actually tanned. Since then I have used it many times. It works every time! The down side is that it has a strong mediciney smell. But if your body is truly on fire you won't really mind it all.

Tea tree oil cures lots of stuff. It is good for cuts and scrapes and any kind of blistery type injuries to the skin. It is also good for fever blisters. If you mix it with a little cocoa butter or vasoline and apply it when you first feel one coming on - many times you won't even get one. If you do it will be gone in about 3 days! A much shorter recovery time than even the most expensive cures on the market right now. I have friends that swear by it!

You can also buy commercial chapsticks with it in it as well as lotions and creams and shampoos and soaps. It is a wonder drug. I

learned about it when I was in the dog business. When you race greyhounds you have to take fastidious care of their toes. If you don't their cuticles will become infected because when they run 45 mph around the track the sand pushes up under the skin. If you don't clean it out the toe gets infected and I have seen a double A dog drop to D because it is hard to run on an infected toe! I learned from an old dog man that a little spritz of tea tree oil will cure the problem right up.

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