Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hand in Hand

I walked to the front door with each of my 2 children hand in hand.

I took a deep breath as I knocked on the door. I waited with each of my 2 children hand in hand.

She opened the door and smiled sweetly at me. She didn't have clue who I was. I could tell.

"Let me introduce myself," I replied when she asked if she could help me with anything. "My name is Kathy Lambert and these are my 2 children, Emma and Bonnie."

"Girls, say hello to Ashley," I told them as I possessively rubbed their 2 little heads.

"Hi Ashley," they chimed in unison with big smiles on their faces as only 4 year old little girls can do.

"How do you know my name," she asked curiously and a tad suspiciously as well.

"Oh my husband told me. You know him. His name is Jeremy."

The shocked look on her face said it all. She had no idea he was married.

"I wanted you to meet his family. These are his daughters, Emma and Bonnie. We love him very much. We came to ask you to not take him away from us. You have that power. He loves you. You are fun and beautiful and we are responsibility and work. We are a happy family and I just wanted you to know that."

I turned calmly and walked back down the sidewalk with each of my 2 girls hand in hand. my back was straight. There were tears in my eyes. She stood and watched me walk away. I had no idea what effect my words had on her.

I said what I had to say.

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