Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He Threw Me Through the Wall!

Now, before you start your man blastin', we were clowning around. It was an accident.

When I was first married we moved into a newly remodled apartment owned by an 83 year old, very nice man. Bobby and I were horsing around. He was lying on the bed and I took a big dive on top of him. To counteract my attack he grabbed my shoulders while I was still in midair and guided me to the side so I wouldn't land on him full force. I landed on the mattress but my shoulder hit the wall. It must have hit exactly between the 2x4's because we heard a BIG crack. We froze in position and just looked at each other.

I moved away from the wall and it had a crack just above where my shoulder had hit all the way to the floor. We felt terrible. Fortunately Bobby had some drywall experience and he bought the stuff to fix it. Then we repainted the spot. You had to look hard to tell that something had even happened to the spot.

I put a chest of drawers in front of the spot and I'm sure the landlord never even knew the difference.

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