Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Never Could Resist a Dare!

Last night a friend dared me to write about my most embarrassing sexual experience. So, after just a TINY bit of soul searching here it is. First, I made a list and let her choose. Here's the list with one addition - she chose #3.

1. the bench (same trail as 4 - different spot)
2. the snow
3. car parked right beside of road
4. being discovered on a trail (and not stopping)
5.. the ocean

6. the time the maid walked in

We used to live in Huntington, WV, and our families lived in Logan and Boone Counties which was a couple of hours on back country roads away. One night on the way home we were feeling particularly amorous so Bobby pulled off on the side of a shortcut we were on called Dairy Road.

We were all over each other and he threw me on the trunk and we were having a grand old time when a set of headlights flashed on us for just a second. We were so into what we were doing that I barely noticed at the time but now I realize that for those headlights to hit us, maybe, just maybe, we weren't as far off the main road as we thought we were.

Thankfully we were on a curvy, back country road in WV and I am sure that even though the passing driver probably saw ALL OUR GOODIES that it was for such a brief second that they were probably thinking, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!"

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