Monday, July 18, 2011

I miss having someone to brush my hair

When I was growing up there was always someone who wanted to brush my long, blonde hair. My mom loved to brush it and so did my friends. There are few things in the world so calming as someone taking the time to brush your hair for you.

When I was married my husband loved to brush it. In fact, he loved to wash it and dry it as well. He would do it until he was satisfied and I have to say it would look perfect when he finished with it.

On the other hand, nothing infuriates me more than someone pulling my hair. This comes from the days of playing chase and football in the backyard. My sister and I both had hair to our butts. When we would run really fast it would stream in the wind behind us. The best way to catch us was to grab our hair and basically clothesline our asses. So, we teamed up (something my sister and I rarely did) and refused to play if everyone didn't agree not to pull our hair - ever. It worked because they needed us to make the teams complete.

I will still hurt someone for pulling my hair to this day.

Another on my ex-husband's unsual talents is that he could tie the prettiest bows. It didn't matter if it was on a present or on one of my outfits he could tie a perfect bow everytime.

He also prided himself on his ability to unhook my bra in about 1 second with one hand - just like Fonzie!

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