Friday, July 22, 2011


Here's a new one. For some reason the other people in my building call me "Miss Pam".

1. Pam

2. Pamala (my spelling)

3. Pamela (most common)

4. Pamelea (only met one of those)

5. Pammy (my most common nickname)

6. Pamalama (my favorite nickname ever!)

7. Pambella (from one special friend)

8. damnpamn (I've heard that one so many times in my life. It covers everything good,bad,unbelievable,right, wrong - get the idea!)

9. Wham Bam Thank You Pam (I won't get into that one!)

10. Spam (most popular insult as a child)

11. Pam Cooking Spray (most popular insult from children today)

12. Pamala Peehole (most hated nickname from my aunt's and uncle's)

13. SuperPam (my image of myself)

14. Pamburger (refers to the mangled mess that's my brain)

15. Pammalicious (another one that I won't get into)

16. Pamalah (emphasis on the "lah")

17. Pamblahh (how I used to refer to my blog) aka. Pamblahg

18. Paam-pers (another childhood taunt!)

19. Pambelina (another name from another friend)

20. Little Pam (as opposed to Big Pam-which is who I would be now. There were 2 of us Pam's working in one place and so they called us Big Pam and Little Pam-I was Little Pam because I was 20 and Big Pam was in her 40's)

My actual real name is Pamala Dee Brennan Jeffrey!

My mom started to name me Sherri Lynn - I don't think that name would have been near as much fun!

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