Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remember "Don't Break the Camel's Back"

1. I used to love that game - except I like to put the straw in that actually broke the camel's back.

2. Don't Break the Ice - now I didn't like being the one to break the ice

3. clackers - they were banned on playgrounds across the country because "some kid" had his eye put out when they exploded.

4. David Cassidy singing "I Think I Love You" - a few years ago we were selling Valentine Balloons at Fruth that sang "I Think I Love You." I sold them out in just a couple of days because I kept one by my register and I sang it everytime a customer came in. One day there was a group of about 6 middle age women (including myself) standing around that balloon singing the "WHOLE" song. The teenage clerk working with me just stood there looking dumbfounded that we could possibly be acting that way.

5. Crissy, Velvet and Cinnamon (I forgot about Velvet and Cinnamon until I looked up Crissy on the internet. I did not have a Crissy Doll.

6. Dawn Dolls - I had a case of 52 Dawn Dolls. None of the kids at school believed me when I told them what I got for Christmas. Kim Cook, a neighbor friend, had to confirm it before they believed me.

7. Defiance!

8. Black Light Posters .

8. The Wonderful World of Disney

9. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

10. The Osmond's Cartoon and the Jackson 5 Cartoon

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