Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's topic: fashion trends

I was too young for hip huggers the first time they came out.

I was too fat for low risers when they came out.

I'll be too old the next time they come around.

I remember smock tops were in style...Then belly tops came in and they shrunk to be tube tops - but I didn't have anything to hold a tube top up!

I loved high waisted pants and bell bottoms - they hid major figure flaws.

Then there was workout gear and haircuts with the side shaved out - good thing you didn't have to actually workout to wear the clothes

Somewhere along the line, blue jeans went from being my comfortable pants to being my work clothes that I had to get out of the second I hit the door.

Now, I'm too big of a dork to know what has been in style for the last ten years

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