Monday, February 13, 2012

Bruno, Who?

Several years ago when I was working at a kennel in West Palm Beach the trainer I was working for transferred to a kennel in Miami. I was saying good-bye to him with a friend and the last thing he did before he pulled out was to reach over and grab me and lay one hell of a kiss on me. He kissed me so hard I got rug burn from his stibble.

Jeannie and I went to the commissary after he left to hang out a little and many of the other trainers were hanging out - as well as my husband. One of the guys asked me if I had seen Bruno leave and I said, " yes".

Jeannie piped in, "Boy, oh boy, did she ever say good-bye to him!" She said it in such a way that of course everybody honed in on her and wanted to know what she meant by that. She laughingly told them about the kiss and everybody started to tease my husband. He took the kidding as good naturedly as any man could who was just hearing that his wife had been kissed by another man. The other guys spent the day making sure that they didn't let him forget about it either.

I got home from work last that night. Bobby met me at the door. He had flowers waiting and we had a very romantic night. Every so often when we were " involved" with each other he would stop everything and say, "Bruno, who?"

He made sure that "Bruno" was the last thing on my mind that night.

It was a wonderful evening.

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