Monday, February 13, 2012

I bought the bra of my dreams!

I mentioned recently that I had bought a bra in my hard to find size of 44B. It was a happy day because that size is nearly impossible to find and it was pretty to boot.

I was shopping in Family Dollar yesterday when a bra caught my eye. It was pretty but it was a 44D which is what all bra makers think about hefty women buying bras. They think we all have big honkin' hooters to match the rest of our body...not so with me. So I put the bra down and started to walk away, when I thought, "Hey, wait a minute."

I went back and picked the bra up and sure enough it was just as I thought. It was sized wrong. There is no way that a woman with size "D"s was going to fit them in that tiny cup. Glory be, I found me another bra...actually 2 of them because they were sold in pairs!

I brought it home and tried it on and eureka...I have 2 pretty new bras and for the first time in my live I am wearing a "D" cup.

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