Monday, February 13, 2012

Lust at First Sight

I was walking with my husband (at the time) to a race. He was a distance runner. We rounded a corner and standing in front of us was one of the most handsome men that I have ever seen in my life. My heart stopped. My mouth dropped open. I was speechless.

In the same second that all this happenned, I realized that my husband was by my side and had just witnessed my astounding reaction to a complete stranger. If that man would have told me to drop to my knees right there on the street, I would have immediately complied - happily I might add!

Well I started laughing uncontrollably. I knew I had been caught dead to rights and I still couldn't take my eyes off of that man. My wonderful husband grabbed my arm and started dragging me along(because I had stopped dead in my tracks). Then the man looked up and saw me laughing and gasping and gaping quite obviously at him. He immediately demanded to know what in the hell I was laughing at.

Thankfully my husband looked at him as we walked by and said "Nothin' Bud, I just told her a good joke."

When we got out of earshot I had to thank my husband for getting me out of that situation. Fortunately he found the whole thing funny. After the race was over he had great delight in informing me that he had soundly beaten the other man

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