Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh Joy, I Get to Start Prep for Colonoscopy Today

I am having a colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow. That means I'm getting ready to get reamed at both ends. Actually I had one years ago, so I know that the prep is the worst part. I hated drinking that stuff so bad that I requested the pills this time. Most people don't know you can do it with pills. My mom's a nurse so that's how I know about it.

This morning I'll have a normal breakfast and then it's nothing but clear broth for the rest of the day. I can have all the juice, coffee, tea and lemonade that I want. Since I usually drink Crystal Light then that part is not a problem. I can also have popcycles, jello (no red) and applesauce. I am prepared.

I am wondering now what I am going to have for my last meal? ....until tomorrow that is.

At 3pm I start the first round of pills: 4 pills every 15 minutes with 8 oz. of water. Then I drink 12 oz. of ginger ale.

Then at 6pm, I'll repeat the process for a total of 32 pills.

I guess I'll spend my evening parked on the old commode! I'll be squeaky clean in the mornin'

both inside and out!

I don't expect they'll find anything. It's a routine thing since I'm turning 50 this year. I have an aunt that had colon cancer so they want to screen for that reason as well. I have had some bleeding issues but I think that is due to the stress the medication puts on my stomach. I have all kinds of meds to settle my stomach and I can't take most pain meds, muscle relaxers or allergy medicines.

Thanks to Sherry, she's taking me to the hospital at 6 am and picking me it up when it's over. My friend, Susan, will stay during the procedure. They require somebody stay there the whole time you are under sedation. Susan doesn't drive, so Sherry kindly offerred to give us a ride each way....DING,DING,DING! There goes the alarm for the good deed alert this week!

Normally Eddie would have accompanied me but I am distancing myself from him now. He was furious when he found out I had someone else to help me. He said I was just doing it to hurt him, that 's the furthest thing from my mind right now, although he's going to be even more furious when he has to find someone else to accompany him to his appointments.

We had a good thing going and he had to go and mess it up. Oh well, people move on and that's life.

On the funny side the reason I didn't ask my mom to accompany me is because she lives an hour away in Logan. The last time she was supposed to come there was a bad snow storm and she couldn't make it. They almost wouldn't perform the procedure but I told them she was caught in the storm and was on her way. When she didn't make it at the end, I told them I didn't know where she was and I had no way to call her.

Even though I live only about a mile from the hospital they wouldn't let me drive home. They made a nurse stay until a cab came to pick me up. When I got into the cab I asked him what the minimum fare was and he said, "2." So I paid him $2 to drive me to the hospital parking lot and drove myself home.

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