Friday, February 17, 2012

Colonoscopy is Over

It was just as I suspected, the worst part is the preparation. I have to say the propofal was the best part. For that 20 or 30 seconds before I went out like a light I was on top of the world. Then I woke up and everything was over.

I dare say if I could afford to pay a doctor $150,000 a month I could persuade him to keep me in that delicate balance just before sleep set in. When I woke up I was about as groggy as I usually am so that wasn't a big deal and it wore off in a matter of minutes.

They found a polyp and removed it. They sent it off but the doctor said he didn't anticipate any problems. He said barring any problems he would see me in 5 years. The 5 years is because my aunt had colon cancer, if it hadn't been for that he would have seen me back in 10 years.

The only bad news I got was the first thing he said is that I needed to cut back on citrus fruit and tomatoes. Since I hardly ever eat citrus I assume that he wants me to cut back on my beloved tomatoes. I rarely go a day without eating them. Now I'm trying to decide if my level of discomfort is enough to stop eating them...I think not, but we'll see.

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