Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Flying Needles! It's Flying Needles! Everybody Hide, It's Flying Needles!"

We used to run through the yard jumping and screaming and hopping and skipping and holding our butts everytime we saw the flying needles. Flying needles were jets in the sky. You know the ones, you see them everyday with the jet stream behind them. The game was you would get a shot in the behind if you didn't hide - so we hid.

When we were kids we used to pretend they were flying needles and we would hide behind the garage and under trees and the porch - whatever the nearest hiding place was until we would look in the sky and they would be gone.

It only took about a minute for them to cross the horizon in Southern West Virginia. Where I am from the mountains are so close together that the jets would pass out of sight almost immediately leaving a trail of smoke behind them.

I happened to look into the sky today and I was reminded that the jets with their streams behind them still look like a needle and thread crossing the sky.

It was just a silly way to pass a little time as a kid.

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