Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Throroughly Disgusted With Myself

Last night I got caught in a sting. Apparently I sold a beer to a minor. The problem was I didn't know it was a beer. I thought it was an energy drink.

Over the years I have been one of the most conscientious people when it came to checking id's. They have me working on all the high risk holidays because they know I don't let the kids slip through. Last night I was busy talking to a coworker. I was so busy I didn't pay attention to my customer and I started to apologize to him for it but he was gone before I could say anything. I also almost told him about a sale on other energy drinks to try to save him some money but I was busy talking and he slipped through.

When the policeman came back in and set the beer on the counter I even told him that it wasn't a beer, it was an energy drink and that is when he pointed out the alcohol content on the bottom of the can. He also pointed out that there was a prompt for a birthdate on the register which I ignored. And I did. I was so busy talking I didn't even really see it. The kid that bought the beer looked so young that I wouldn't have sold him a pack of cigarettes without Id. If he had bought "normal beer" he wouldn't have gotten by with that either. I did not know that I was selling a beer. I didn't bag it when he left. I didn't do any of the normal stuff you do when you sell beer which I have done so much that it is second nature to me.

So now I will be expected to pay about a $500 fine. I will be quitting my job because I only make about $50 a week and I can't see risking a huge fine for such a small payoff. I have never wanted to live on my disability but that is exactly what is going to happen now because if I am not competent to sell alcohol without racking up huge fines then I have no business at a job that basically any idiot can do.

I have several times over the years even called the police about fake Id's. Do you think they ever come out or do anything? No. Because they don't care. The only reason they run these stings is so they can rack up huge fines against people who don't make enough money to pay them. It is easy money in their pockets.

So, I'm about to join the ranks of the unemployed for my mistake which I own. But I as I said, " I thought it was an energy drink, not a beer."

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