Friday, April 13, 2012

More Drama at Lee Terrace

Apparently someone decided to punch one of the new residents in the face yesterday. I don't know the reasons around the attack but everyone ran to me to tell me because it immediately was classified as racial. They wanted me to know because Eddie is black and I am white. Even though we don't advertise our friendship it is common knowledge as is everything in this building.

A new couple has moved into the building. I don't know them except to say hello but they seem to be nice people. She is white. He is black. I was told a black woman walked up and punched the white woman in the face. This is factual. What isn't factual are the reasons why. For all I know it could be a boyfriend/girlfriend thing or maybe she just pissed somebody off..

All the drama queens wanted me to go on high alert....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

While I am well aware of a certain animosity toward me from some black women in the building, they seem to get over it once they get to know me. Hell, I'm a pretty nice person after all. The ones that don't get over it well, it's their problem - not mine. The difference between me and the other woman is that she is a tiny little thing while I am, to put it politely, quite hefty. Not too many people are going to have the nerve to walk up and punch me and if they do, it better count because I am quite capable of defending myself.

Around these parts being nice is perceived as being weak. I have had to educate more than one person that this is not the case as far as I'm concerned. When someone lashes out at me I usually lash out quickly and more severely than most people do. I also admit to lashing back too quickly sometimes. But my reputation serves me well in this building.

So, even if it was racial, it really won't affect me. I hope it wasn't though.

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