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Letter to myself 7/30/04 - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Letter to myself 7/30/04 - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

7/30/04 - 42 years old

Things are going well. I have
set some short term goals and I am meeting them.  Daddy is doing well
and we have settled into what seems to be a good working routine.  My
blood pressure is terrible and I am learning to let go of all
unnecessary stress.  This includes what should be ordinary stress of
everyday life, but since I definitely don't live an ordinary life I have
had to redefine what stress is for me.

I had not realized until
lately what an emotional toll the divorce took on me.  It has taken me 9
years since I left Bobby and 6 years since the divorce to rebound.  I
see a future starting to formulate beyond the dream stage.

I have
been finding homes for dogs from a puppy mill.  It was a slow start but
things seem to be falling into place.  Even my credit is improving for
the first time since the divorce. I realize I am just starting to
rebuild my life even though I thought I was doing it all along.

10 Goals

1.  Lose weight

2. (can't read it)

3.  give myself a break

4.  write a book

5.  learn computer

6.   make money

7.  move

8.  make new connections - both business and personal

9.  get glasses

10. learn something new

many years I used to write myself a letter on Christmas and my
birthday. I thought they were all lost when I lost everything when I got
sick 7 years ago. I found this one today.

I guess I don't need to write these letters anymore since I started blogging my ass off 6 years ago

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