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Riding the Dragon - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Riding the Dragon - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

upon a time there was a town in a valley.  It was a sleepy, little town
and all the townspeople were happy.  Life was good.  It was good
because they knew how to appease the dragon.  As long as the dragon was
happy then the townspeople were happy.

So, life was simple.  Feed the dragon and it will leave you alone and you can go about your daily lives.

was going well and it had been so long since the people had seen the
dragon that they forgot he was there.  So, one day they quit feeding
him.  The dragon noticed the change but he had gotten fat and lazy
because he had been satisfied for so many years.

When the dragon
didn't get mad the first day then the people thought, "oh wow, we've
been working hard all these years and now we have stopped and nothing
bad has happened.  We will just not worry about the dragon any longer."

of course this didn't sit well with the mighty dragon and after a few
weeks when his shelves became bare he had to leave home.  He was so
hungry he ate the first food he saw.  He ate 2 people who were on their
way home from the park.

So the second day he came out and he saw a
zoo and he ate a giraffe and a hippopotamous and a monkey.  Many people
saw them and they ran away afraid.

They were so scared they
didn't want to take any food to the dragon.  So then the dragon had to
come out again and he was really hungry so he went to the mall.  The
mall was full of food and he swooped down to get a big mouthful of
terrified shoppers but as he flew through the mall Kendall saw him and
took a flying leap and landed on his back!

Well this really made
him mad and he started to flutter and flap and bobble and blap but 
Kendall held on for dear life.  This gave all the shoppers a chance to
get away.

Since all the food disappeared and there was a strange
woman on the dragon's back he decided that he had to go home and try to
get the woman off his back.  But Kendall held on.  By the time the
dragon got home he was so tired from not having food and from having a
woman on his back that he went to sleep.

Kendall knew this was her
chance.  So she went and got all his favorite foods so he wouldn't have
to find any people to eat.  The dragon had bananas and limes and
pudding and cheeseburgers.  There were piles and piles of cheeseburgers.

dragon was so happy when he woke up that he gave Kendall a free ride on
his back.  Kendall had so much fun that she promised to give the dragon
cheeseburgers and bananas everyday.  The people were happy that the
dragon was happy so they made sure to send the food everyday.

Then they lived happily ever after in their sleepy, little town because Kendall was a hero.

(written for my 8 year old niece, Kendall)

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