Thursday, March 27, 2014

She Spent Her Life Collecting Memories instead of Things - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

She Spent Her Life Collecting Memories instead of Things - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

That's what people say when they reach the end of their time and they don't have any material possessions.

have to say that in my case I made a conscious choice to create
memories at a young age.  I grew up in a home where we wanted for
nothing....nothing material that is.  But I realized at a young age that
something was missing in our home.  I didn't quite know what it was
until I left home though.

You can't miss what you never had.

were missing a closeness in our family that most families have.  A
sense of belonging and knowing that no matter what somebody had your
back.  We were missing unconditional love.  Love in our household was
meted out just like money.  The more you accomplished the more you got.

I left home and met Bobby Jeffrey.  He showed me that there were people
that could love you no matter what you did...good or would
still be loved.  For most of our marriage we didn't have a lot of money,
but we didn't let that stop us.  We used to bask in the glory of each
other no matter where we were or what we were doing.

Then there
came a time when we were making plenty of money.  We still made a
conscious effort to make memories.  Some of the most fun times we had
were when we would dress up in our craziest tourist attire when we lived
in Florida.  We would play our West Virginia Twang to the hilt and
spend the day at some tourist trap having a wonderous time.  Not only
did we have fun but the people around us did and there was many a time
that employees would go the extra mile for "those crazy hillbillies"
because we were obviously enjoying ourselves so much.

Now I'm a
little older.  I'm not old exactly but I am in poor health.  I can't go
places and I can't do things but what I can do is relive the fun
times...and sometimes the not so fun times because I lived a life that
was full.  People wonder how I keep from getting bored now.  It's easy.

I'm a dreamer...always have been...always will be.

of the first things I realized when my health took a turn for the
worst.  I had all this "stuff" laying around and I knew without a doubt
that nobody would want most of it.  None of it mattered because...

"you can't take it with you."

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