Friday, July 8, 2011

Cake in the Face!

My mom loves cakes from our local bakery. One year I don't remember if it was mother's day or for her birthday (her birthday is June 4th.) we got her a cake. We knew that she would sneak and taste it so WE WARNED HER not to eat it until it was time. SHE DID NOT LISTEN.

We walked in and caught her - ed (or icing fingered if you will) in the cake. So my brother walked over and picked up the cake and planted it firmly IN HER FACE! The whole time the cake was embedded in her face she was chomping it as fast as she could. It was one of the greatest presents that she ever received she said."A WHOLE CAKE JUST FOR ME!"

Obviously we couldn't eat any after it was buried all over her face. (It was much too mangled after that) We even have pictures of the cake in her face. (at least we did until the house burned down)

Fun Stuff!

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