Friday, July 8, 2011

My fattycatty Escape Plan Is in Effect

I live on the 8th. floor. I have worried ever since I moved in here that there would be a fire and both I and fattycatty would be trapped. However I have finally solved the problem of fattycatty's escape should there ever be a massive conflagration and the entire building be dissolved in a pile of ruins.

I have bought enough rope that I can lower her to the ground from my apartment window in her cat carrier. Should there ever be a fire, I have the comfort that my baby will be safe.

There remains the problem, however, of getting myself out!. We have been told to shelter in place and the firemen would get us out. I don't see how they can empty an entire building of the disabled and infirmed. I feel that those of us on the top floors will perish simply because they couldn't get to us in time.

I guess in a worse case scenario I can use my fattycatty escape rope to lower myself to the ground Batman Style! I can see that tiny strand of rope holding my morbidly obese body as I smoothly rappel to the waiting ground below. One things for sure - I'll make it to the ground one way or the other!

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