Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Craziness at Lee Terrace

First of all, on Saturday, somebody on the first floor died. I don't think I knew her. Word is, she was new to the building.

Yesterday, someone who shall remain nameless, relayed this story to me. She was in the computer room, incessantly playing her computer game when a drunk wandered in. Now, before you go nutty, this is a 70 year old woman who I have noticed seems to be losing her faculties in the past year.

She had never seen this particular drunk before and he asked her to help him to his room. She couldn't help him because she didn't know him and she is not very ambulatory anyway. She asked another resident to help him but he didn't know him either. She said the drunk seemed to be getting sicker and sicker and at this point I asked her if she called 911. She said she didn't call them because she didn't want to get the man in trouble.

Then he passed out in the floor.

I asked her if she called 911 at this point - again she said, "no." Her excuses were that her cell phone won't dial 911 and when I pointed out that there was a pay phone at the end of the hall she said she couldn't walk that far. I know for a fact that if there were a juicy bit of gossip happening at the end of the hall she would make her way there in a heartbeat! The problem was (I feel) that she really didn't want to be interrupted in her slot games!!!

So she let him lay in the floor of the computer room until Ricky came along. Ricky is mentally retarded. He is a good soul and will help anyone who needs help. She asked him to get the man to his room. Ricky told her he would get help and thankfully he went and got Harold, the maintenance man. Harold immediately called 911. My friend was perturbed that Ricky got Harold instead of one of the building residents to help the drunk. Her priority being that she didn't want to get him in trouble - never mind the fact, that he wouldn't need an apartment if he died on the computer room floor!

I don't know what happened to the drunk (other than the ambulance took him to the hospital). I do know that my friend is highly irritated at Harold because he, rightfully so in my opinion, chewed her ass for not calling 911 when the man was passed out in the floor of the computer room at her feet as she was playing slots.

I'm still shaking my head at this one.

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