Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The other day I asked a judge if it would be ok if I shot shoplifters in the butt with a beebee gun!

Now before you start thinking what in the world is she doing in front of a judge, I wasn't in court. He comes in the store a lot and he is a very fun customer to engage. However, he didn't see the humor in my question. He got very serious when I asked him. He let me know I would be prosecuted for malicious wounding.

He couldn't help but laugh when I told him that I had no malicious intent - I just wanted to have a little fun and shoot a shoplifter in the but with a beebee! He tried not to smile but he couldn't help himself as he chastized me and let me know he would throw the book at me in court.

Fortunately for me I have also asked one of the best local defense attorneys around the same question. He thought it was very funny and told me he would defend me for free!

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