Saturday, July 9, 2011

What would you do if you won a really BIG lottery?

I'm not talking about a petty million dollars or something. I'm talking $300,000,000 like Jack Whittaker did. (It ruined his life - imagine that)

I would buy an amphibious RV and drive down the Ohio River to the Mississippi and when I got to Texas I would turn right and go to California and see where I was born since I was too young to remember it when we left.

I would build a house on top of a mountain in WV complete with pool and helipad and fly my helicopter to my beach house on the ocean. I would have a stable adjoining my house with sliding glass doors so I could admire my horses and animals all I wanted. I would have somebody elses (plural) to clean and care for them.

I would have a library complete with one of those cool swing around ladders. I don't think $300,000. 000 would be enough to buy a Gutenberg Bible but I would sure like to have one.

I would open a no kill animal shelter for southern WV and probably at my beach house as well.

I would go around handing out money to people obviously in need - especially at Christmas and I would do the same thing at hospitals as well.

I would give scholarships to high school students with the stipulation that they don't have to pay me back they just have to put someone else through college once they have made it.

I think that would probably spend my $300,000.000.

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