Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can You Beat This Price?

Here are prices I paid for staples this month. Can you get your stuff any cheaper?

Aldi's :

1. Seedless Watermelon - $2.99 - shared half because I can't eat it all

2. Chunk light tuna in water - 55 cents

3. Light Ranch Dressing - 1.29

4. Frozen Green Beans (1lb.) - $1.49

5. Frozen shrimp alfredo (single serving) - $1.49 (I love this stuff - 300 calories)

6. Real Bacon Bits - $1.39

7. Viniagrette Dressing - $1.99 (garlic flavor, I haven't tried this one but the house dressing is great and this one had less salt)

8. 4 Anjou Pears - $1.69

9. 3lb. gala apples - $2.99

10. Chili Powder - 99 cents

11. Lower Sodium Bacon - $2.99 (I buy one pack of bacon a month)

12. Broccoli Crowns - $1.69 (3 heads)

13. 2 slicing tomatoes (1 is huge) - $1.79

14. large bottle of Canola Oil - $2.69

15. cucumber - 59 cents

16. 3 zucchini - $1.69

17. Iceberg Lettuce (head) - .89

18. Premium Salsa - 1.99 (available in Aldi's Cooler, it is far supreme to any commercial salsa I have ever tasted. I am addicted to it)

19. Taco Shells (no sodium) - 99 cents

20. Parmesan Cheese - $2.39 (Aldi's brand - it tastes better than most as well)

The following items I bought at Dollar Tree. Everything is a dollar

1. (15) 2 quart freezer bags

2. cap n crunch cereal (4 servings)

3. wyler's pink lemonade mix - 3 packs

4. marachino cherries (these had stems on them and they were terrible - don't buy this!)

5. pink serving bowl (to match my pink tumblers)

7. butterfly net (to catch minnows with when I go fishing)

8. 2 freedom magnets for my truck (Go USA)

9. 2 lbs. spaghetti - the flavor of this brand is better than any other spaghetti I ever had :)

10. gravy ladle for serving

11. slotted serving spoon

12. bobble elastics (hair bands for Necia who can't get out to buy them for herself)

13. tri color rotini (pasta made with spinach and tomatoes - great for pasta salad)

14. glass cutting board ( I was going to get rid of my plastic one but I used this for something else)

15. dried pineapple - a low salt treat that I wanted to try - it was great

16. dry kidney beans - hard to find for some reason

17. lighted tweezers - I bought these for my mom. I bought her a pair for $10 a few years ago and she loved them. I haven't been able to find them since.

18. toe nail clippers

19. 2 lighters (you never know when you'll need one)

20. small serving fork

21. fashion barettes - the right side to hold my heavy hair (another hard to find item)

22. powder

23. oval roaster - I use these for disposable cat litter pans

24. grape juice - I haven't tried this brand but the cranberry juice is good, so...

I bought the following stuff at various places

25. milk (reduced priced) - $2.19 ( the reduced price milk at fruth lasts for weeks after the expiration date

26. Strawberry Syrup - a big no no for me!

27. nutella - $3.00 - I have always wanted to try this and when I saw it at Big Lots for $3.00 I had to get it. It's good but I couldn't see putting it on toast so I baked chocolate fudge cupcakes (mix) and put the nutella on top of it. I took the cupcakes to Fruth yesterday for the 4th. and everyone loved them

28. shower brush - $3.00

29. Very large bottle of Pantene Conditioner - $6.00 - I got twice as much for half the price I would have paid at Fruth with my employee discount

30. 4 large bottles of marzetti salad dressing - $1.99 (Country French has less sodium than just about any other commercial dressing)

31. homemade sausage (at the store) 99 cents. I fry it and freeze each patty and get them out about once a week.

32. large bottle Thyme $1.69

33. Olay Ribbons - 5.00 - again I got twice as much as I would have gotten at Fruth with my employee discount for the same money

34. (5) Burger King Original Chicken Sandwiches $1.00 each. I bought them with the intention of eating one a day. I ended up giving 3 coworkers who do me favors all the time a sandwich. They were very happy!!!!

35. 30 feet of rope - I am making fattycatty an escape rope, in case there is a fire and I have to lower her 9 floors to the ground. I have 3 ropes tied together now. I need about 2 more.

36. electrical tape - $1.00

37. Gas for $3.45 a gallon with a 20 cent a gallon discount at Kroger.

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