Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Most Shocking Moment of my Life

When I was little my mom says I stuck a barette in the electric outlet.

The electric shock was so fierce that I was thrown across the room.

After that I wouldn't even go into the living room. We had one of those houses that had the 4 doorways in the center and you could step into any room or walk in a circle. She said that I would always walk around the living room where the receptacle was after that. No matter what room I started in.

If I saw an electric outlet anywhere I would point and say, "BITES!"

I also have a scar on my hand that is the perfect shape of the grate of a floor furnace.

It is just bigger now because I got it when I was a baby.

Mom says I fell on the furnace one day before she coud stop me. She says she panicked and I fell several times on my hand and would stand up and lose my balance again before she caught me. She rushed me to the doctor and I had to wear burn cream and a bandage on my hand for a couple of weeks before it healed.

Now, on the palm of my hand, is the grate of a furnace.

It kind of looks like basket weaving.

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