Saturday, February 4, 2012

I was having a good day until...

I went to the community room just for a change of scenery from my apartment. I have to rest today because I am working tonight. Have to conserve my energy. Several people stopped to chat and everything was fine until one lady came in and she had just sprayed perfume all over herself. I had to ask her to leave. But it was too late the damage had already been done. She was very nice about it because she is on oxygen too and she understands. Her problem is aparently not as severe as mine.

It strangled me. Now I am back upstairs on my bipap and oxygen trying to clear my lungs before I have to go to work. They are relaxing. They were kind of spasming, trying to clear the fumes out. I could do an inhaler but it makes me crazy and I avoid it if at all possible. Oxygen seems more natural to me than the chemicals in the inhaler somehow.

That is one of the few things I miss. Scented candles, good perfumes (not cheap ones!) and roaring fires. I can't tolerate the smoke from a fire. Even scents that smell good cause me to have breathing issues. Cigarettes are intolerable...even outside.

I live in a completely scent free world.. a little touch of vanilla would be nice now and then.

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