Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Donated My Body to Science

I have donated my body to Marshall University.

I have always been an organ donar but because I have heart failure and COPD they probably won't have much use for most of my organs. I figure there is so much wrong with me that somebody might as well learn something from it.

One big benefit is that there are no burial expenses. I am preregistered at Marshall. It is in my file at the hospital and I also have a card identifying me as a donar to Marshall University that is right behind my driver's license in my wallet. They will call my uncle and he will call Marshall and that will be that. I think this will also eliminate stress on my mom as well.

For some reason people like to tell me horror stories like it will matter - "Hell, I'll be dead. What do I care what happens to me?" One person told me I'll be kept in a big vat and pickled with other bodies then they'll pull me out with a big meat hook????

I have an aunt that is a doctor. I remember when she would come home from medical school she would tell us stories about her "friend". That is how she referred to her cadaver. She said you could even play music on their intestines. Sounds like a good time to me.

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