Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Here is why I will never use natural gas in my home again.

One time I moved into a trailer that had one of those giant natural gas tanks beside it. It was January. It was freezing. I called Ferrell Gas to come fill it up and I learned that the minimum order was $500. I only had $250. They told me I would have to wait until they were driving past my house anyway that they would not make a special trip. The woman also told me I should have called when I was down to 1/3 a tank. It didn't matter to her that I had just moved into my house.

I called everyday for 10 days to see if they would be coming by that day. In the meantime I was freezing - literally, not figuratively!

One day she even had the nerve to say to me, "honey, you don't understand. He has to pull up to your tank and drag that big ole hose up to your tank and stand there and fill it up and it just isn't worth it for $250! I cut her off and told her that wouldn't be any harder than filling up the gas tank to my car for $25.

Finally they came on the 10th. day of a freezing January winter day. That tank lasted me until March. It was late enough in the year that I told my landlord that I would do without heat until he could install the smaller tanks. They held around 10 gallons or so. I told him if he didn't change the tanks that I would move before winter. If I had $500 to fill oxygen tanks then I wouldn't be renting a $200 a month trailer to begin with. He agreed and he changed the tanks.

I cost Ferrell Gas that account and I have also got other people who were thinking about using them for business to not have their tanks installed. I will forever cost them any money I can so that their drivers won't have to worry about dragging that big ole hose to another house!

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