Saturday, January 28, 2012

My White German Shepherd Puppies

I had 2 absolutely gorgeous white German Shepherds named Maxx and Skye. I especially adored Maxx. I got him from a man who mistreated him. When he brought him to me he had on a training collar (this means a collar with 2 inch spikes pointed IN TOWARD HIS NECK!) and and electric collar. The man kept telling me I had to control Maxx. I asked him if he had ever tried love. He just looked at me. It took me 2 months to heal the cuts on his poor neck.

Maxx and I had a few battles and I did have to show him who was boss but I also showed him love. He came to adore me and eventually turned into a big, white teddy bear. I bought 3 footballs for him and Skye and Disney to play with and Maxx wouldn't share. (he was big enough to enforce this afterall) He loved to run in circles with me throwing the footballs and singing "Maxie's got the ball!" over and over to him.

Skye was given to me when I was working the fuel desk at the TA truckstop. I saw her in the guy's truck and I asked him if that was a white German Shepherd. He said it was. I told him I had one. He laughingly asked if I wanted another one. I surprised him when I said yes. He gave her to me on the spot - papers and all!

I bred them about a year later. They had the puppies in the picture above. They were born in the winter and I built a doghouse big enough for Skye and her 8 puppies and me. (I fit in there halfway) I had a heat lamp in it for heat and it was quite cozy. They looked like little polar bears until they were about 3 weeks old and then they started to look like puppies.I had a ball raising them and started selling them for Valentine's Day when they were 7 weeks old.

Later Skye got pregnant again. This is when I went in the hospital with my heart condition. (I was dying) I had to find Maxx and a very pregnant Skye a home because I was unable to care for them. I gave Skye away instead of selling her to the best home I could because they agreed to take Maxx too.

My mom was furious with me because I wouldn't deposit all my animals in the shelter and move in the housing unit a few miles from her house. She still is for that matter. I managed to find everybody homes though and everything is working out.

Here is a list of animals that I had when I got sick. I found homes for all of them.

1. Maxx
2. Skye (pregnant)
3. Disney (lab mix)
4. Maltese
5. Chinese Crested
6. 2 cats

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