Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quinn Computers comes through for me: January

Eddie has let me use the key to his apartment to watch tv when he has left town several times.

Lisa gave me some more clothes to put out for people in the building. I kept a scarf for myself.

Fruth gave me a snowglobe to use for a Bingo prize. They loved it so much they used it for the prize for their coverall game. I found out who was stealing the bingo prizes that I was donating from Fruth when they had the bingo a couple of years ago. It was William. He was a member of the Council. There is a Council that is elected to run activities for the building. I gave William and Tammy a very large portrait of the World Trade Center when they were the council members to use for a Bingo prize. It was a beautiful picture that was supposed to light up and didn't. That is why Fruth donated it. I know it never made it to the bingo game. I mentioned this when I was dropping off the snowglobe (there is a new council now. I cut the other people off when I discovered they were stealing). Linda heard me and told me that when William moved out he had a picture of the World Trade Center and he had bought tube lights and wrapped them around it. Tammy was there when I gave it to them to use for bingo. So she knew William kept the picture. William has since moved and Tammy died.


My brand new computer got a virus. I didn't even have it for 2 weeks. I called the man who sold me my Intelos mifi and asked him about it. He fixed it for me for free! He owns a business called Quinn Computers.

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