Saturday, January 28, 2012

WV Bee Man

I saw a man wearing a beard of bees! It was pretty cool. They advertized the exhibit to be done at the Capitol Market which is a local produce market. That was good because I knew there wouldn't be too much walking involved. I was walking along looking for it when I saw a booth with smoke coming out of it. So I made a beelinefor it.

There were 2 men in the booth from the WV dept. of Agriculture explaining that they were going to take a queen beeand put her in a box and hang it around the man's neck. So that is what they did and then they took a box of bees and POURED IT ON THE MAN'S HEAD! There were bees everywhere (in the booth). They immediately started to settle on the mans neck where the box with the queen was and in less that 30 seconds he had a full beard of bees.

It was enough to make me sqirm. He stood up and he started to face in different directions so the crowd could see. I had a video camera, so I filmed it. I would like to put it on here but you can't upload stuff at the library (that is why there is no picture of me). He wore the beard of bees for about 10 minutes and then he bent over the hive and jumped and most of the bees just fell off into the hive. It was really quite interesting.

Just so you know they said the bee population in West Virginia is doing quite well. There are over 1000 beekeepers in the state. They said there are no wild bees left. If there are any in the wild they said that they just escaped from the hives. Apparently it is only you city people that need to worry about the declining bee population and I worry about you as much as you worry about West Virginia.

I made 3 videoes. They are in my video section because I couldn't get them to post here for some reason.

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