Sunday, January 22, 2012

"You Know When You Get Mad Your Hair Stands Straight Up!"

After working in the dog business for about 10 years I had acquired the vocabulary of any male construction worker. One day we were trying to catch a dog that someone had accidentally let go. Everytime we would just about have the dog in a place that we could get it, two new kennel workers who didn't know any better would come thundering up and scare the poor dog off again. After this happenned 3 times I told them they were scaring the dog off and to calm down so we could catch it.

We promptly caught the dog.

Unfortunately one of the new workers took offense because I had presumed to tell him what to do. As I was walking back to my kennel he followed me the whole way telling me off. I was ignoring him because quite frankly he was too new for me to pay any attention to. After I had walked a couple of hundred feet I decided that I had heard enough and I turned around and heatedly told him off using my rather extensive, profane vocabulary. He stood there, his mouth agog, and didn't say another word. When I had finished with him he slinked back to his kennel with his tail tucked between his legs. I really didn't think anything else about it. That is, until I went into the guardshack after I finished my work.

All of the guys were in there and they were laughing. One of them looked at me and told me that he had heard the kid cussing me that morning and he was on his way out of the kennel to defend me when I tore into the poor guy. He said, "you know that when you get mad, your hair stands straight up!" (I have very long hair too) "You didn't need me to defend you! You took care of him all by yourself." And then all the guys went nuts laughing again.

Of course they rode the new kid's ass unmercifully after that and he quit a few days later. I won't take credit for him quitting because in the dog business a new helper lasts about 3 weeks before they quit. That is why I wasn't even interested in responding to his tirade in the beginning but a girl can only take so much.

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