Monday, April 18, 2011

50th Anniversary Party Worthy of A Lifetime Together

Last Saturday my great aunt and great uncle Patty and Gerald celebrated 50 years of marriage. They had an incredible party thrown by their children. It was truely a celebration worthy of their incredible life together and everyone had a magnificient time.

The party was given in the rotunda of the University of Charleston, site of the wedding celebration of their youngest daughter, Sarah. Both lifelong friends and family were in attendance.

The evening started with elegance and flair. It continued with heartfelt tributes and congratulations from all. It ended with a bang as a DJ played music from their teenage years that was both appropriate for the oldest people there to enjoy as well as the youngest. By the end of the evening even the waitstaff was dancing.

It was fun to watch them as the party got into full swing and they were quietly dancing at their posts trying to be discreet as a professional should. In the end they were dancing all over the floor as they performed their duties and enjoyed a dance with my aunt Patty who always wants EVERYONE around her to have a good time.

And they did.

Congrats to my cousins who gave the party of a lifetime to one in a million parents.

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