Thursday, April 21, 2011

It was not what I had intended

I might as well group my sad bunny stories together

One time I had a couple of rabbits. They were happy little rabbits that lived in a hutch. The hutch was in the middle of my yard where my greyhounds would loaf. Those two arch enemies of the bunnies had become used to them and ignored them whenever I put them outside. Sometimes I would let the bunnies out of the hutch to loaf and play in the yard and eat a little fresh grass. It was a good life for all.

One morning before the dawn of a new day I let my greyhounds out to do their morning business. They had been out for less than a minute when I heard a terrifying squeal and I raced outside knowing what I would find - a dead bunny. Apparently in the middle of the night one of the rabbits had chewed his way through the wood of his house and was giving himself a lovely turnout in the yard. Unfortunately I didn't know about it until it was too late.

I was quite distressed by the turn of events and I decided to give the other bunny away - house and all - to a good home. I wanted to keep him safe from any potential accidents. I knew just who I wanted to have my baby too. There was a little boy down the street that spent quite a lot of time outside my pen admiring either my dogs or my rabbits; he didn't particularly care which was out - he liked them all.

When I saw him later in the day I asked him if he wanted the rabbit. He was thrilled. I told him to go home and ask his mom. If she said yes he could have the rabbit, the cage, food, straw and other assorted rabbit accouterments. It was a happy day for all when she said yes.

Two days later I saw the boy. I asked him how the rabbit was. Sadly he told me it was dead. When I asked what happened he said his pitbull ripped apart the cage and killed it. In my grief I had neglected to find out if he had any other pets. I assured the child that it was my fault and not his - and it was. I KNEW to ask these kinds of questions when finding homes for animals and I neglected to do so.

I can't imagine the terror that poor bunny felt as that dog ripped apart it's happy home and proceeded to kill it. At least what happened at my house had been over in a second and the rabbit never knew what hit it.

What a sad, terrible story. They can't all be good you know.

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