Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Saw My First Beaver Last Night

Actually I saw 2 beavers.

Eddie and I went to Daniel Boone Park which is a little roadside park a couple of miles from our building. He was fishing and getting more bites than he has ever gotten. That made it a fun night in itself. The water was high from recent rains and we were watching BIG fish jump out all over the place.

Something kept stealing his bait and he hooked it twice and was screaming (hilariously) that it was a big one and both times his line got tangled and "the fish" got away. He was using doughballs for bait and I told him he basically had fed the fish a whole peanut butter sandwich.

Just as the sun set he poked me and said, "Look." I looked up to see a head swimming on top of the water in front of us. I was immediately excited because I am the wildlife observer of the two of us. I followed it on it's swim along the coastline of the river. It came out of the water at one point when I was still trying to identify it as either a beaver or an otter or a huge river rat. It was a beaver.

Then I looked over to see another one swim up and join it. They continued their trek along the bank and I followed them to a little cove on the other side of the pier at the other end of the park where they disappeared. As I was walking back one of them swam back to the brushpile it came from.

I told Eddie he had probably been hooking the beaver all evening. He insisted that beaver don't eat doughballs. I don't know.

I believe I will name them Paul and Louise after my great grandparents. Hopefully I will have some good stories to come about them.


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