Monday, April 18, 2011

The Power of the Easter Bunny

I was the Easter Bunny at the mall one year. It was one of the most fun jobs that I ever had. Everybody ought to be the bunny at least once. I don't even like kids and I had a ball. What I learned is that the Easter Bunny has as much power as a Rock Star!

One day I was waving to the kids and thumbing my nose and shaking my hiney and just generally making a fool of myself. I looked up into the balconies (there were 2 levels of the mall above me) to see that all the way around both levels above me as well as the entire plaza in front of me was full of kids pantomiming my every move! There were hundreds of them of all ages both big and small! The were mocking my every movement. I kept up my dance for a few minutes more and then I decided that I needed to quit because the kids were becoming so enthusiastic that I was afraid that somebody was going to fall over the railing.
So I gave them one last wave and sat down in my throne.
It was a great day.

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