Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tragedy in the Land of the Squirrels

Last week there was a huge storm that swept though Charleston. A very huge tree was blown over next door. It was one of the squirrel trees. I was amazed to see that the entire inside of that massive tree was hollow - no wonder it blew over. I always thought squirrels just lived in a little hole in the tree. I didn't know they could bore out the whole durn tree!

Today I observed one of the squirrels has a broken foot. I couldn't figure out how it happened until I remembered that his whole house had toppled over last week.

There is also another squirrel who is missing about 2/3's of it's tail. It looks like it was scraped off with about 2 inches of bone and nerve exposed at the chopped off end! I have been trying to figure out that injury for a couple of weeks now - until today.

I watched the woman who walks her golden retriever past us everyday turn him loose to chase one of our unsuspecting varmints today! From the looks of that poor squirrels tail I would say the dog actually chomped down on his tail and scraped it to the bone when the squirrel jettisoned up the tree. Right now I hate that woman!

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