Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pam and Kathy Horsing Around

Pam and Kathy.JPG

Kathy and I were hired on the same day almost 11 years ago. We were fast friends. We compliment each other. She is calm and loves children while I am a little more "outgoing". (a nice way to say I'm a grouch!)

I call her my stable pony. For those of you who don't know what a stable pony is, I will tell you. When you have a horse in the stable that causes problems you get a calm, manageable pony to hang around with it and be friends. The pony has a calming influence on the problem horse. Kathy is my stable pony.

I am her enforcer. When I go in at night my first question is usually, "Who's the fearless leader tonight?" If they tell me Kathy then I have to delete the fearless part. (hehe) I have to step in and be the fearless part of the fearless leader.

Kathy is the world's greatest mawmaw. She has 6 grandchildren that are with her constantly and she can't wait for more. They are the center of her universe.

Kathy never does anything wrong. She told me the only time she ever skipped school was on senior skip day. I told her that didn't count. She told me it did count because she and a friend went to a party. There was drinking and pot and teenage mayhem. She left. Right after she left the party got busted.

She squeaked through that one and was so grateful she never did anything wild again.

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