Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Tossing the Bouquet

My friends and I always considered the tradition of tossing the bouquet to be a bit demeaning. That was one perk of getting married at the age of 20. I wan't expected to mix with a gaggle of crazed women diving for a bouquet so they would be the next to marry!

In fact my close friends and I always kind of congregated in the back and watch the village idiots scramble for the bouquet!

One time my friend, Sami, and I were talking at the back of the pack. We weren't paying the slightest attention to the tossing of the bouquet. We were participating because we didn't want to hurt our friend, Kristi's, feelings.

All of a sudden the bouquet slammed into Sami's chest! If I didn't know better I would say Kristie aimed with perfect precision and hurled a line drive right at her! Sami looked at me crestfallen and pasted a fake smile on her face! She couldn't hurt Kristie's feeling. I was doubled over laughing at her prediciament!

Kristie hugged Sami and congratulated her on catching her bouquet. Sami immediately had a brilliant idea. She formally presented Kristie with her bouquet saying that she knew it would hold treasured memories for her for the rest of her life. At first Kristie wasn't sure if she should accept. We both assured her that "it was meant to be."

I was glad that it was "her" and not "me".

I was married 2 years later.

Sami waited until she was in her early 30's to marry.

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