Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Walked 3 Flights of Stairs Today

I won't be doing it again alone for awhile, I can tell you that. I still came out of it pretty quickly after I got on my breathing machine.

I am going to do it again tomorrow but I will have someone with me because I couldn't get any closer to passing out if I tried. Since my recovery time was so good though, I WILL do it under supervision next time.

The sad part is it was just a couple of years ago that I would have trotted up that many stairs without thinking about it. One time when my dad was in the hospital I pulled up and there was a fire alarm going off. I knew if they needed to evacuate patients they wouldn't have enough staff, so I hit the stairs and started running for the 5th. floor. I had to actually stop and rest after the third floor and I couldn't figure out why. I know now that it was one of the early indicators of my heart going bad, I just didn't know it at the time.

When I was at Ohio State, I lived on the 20th. floor. I used to go to the bottom level of the bassement (there were 3 levels) and then I would run 23 floors back to my room. Of course it was hard but it was definitely doable for me. What gets me is people were telling me at the time I was too fat. I wish I was the size now that I was then. I think I wore a size 11 jeans and an extra small top. It was my big hiner that had people telling me I was too fat. I had a J-Lo butt years before she did!

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