Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Uncle Don Was A Hero!

Everybody has a crazy uncle and mine was my Uncle Don. I loved Don. He never wore a shirt because he was built like that guy on the back of the comic book who would kick sand in the dweeby guys face. He wasn't mean though, that is just what he looked like and that was in the 60's before men started juicing. He just came by it naturally.

He and my dad used to play checkers for each other's wives. Don never had any money so Edna was all he had to bet. (that was a joke before some of you go nuts over that) He loved animals and kids and always had a joke to tell.

One time he got caught having an affair with the neighbors wife. Her husband came home from work early and found Don hiding in the closet. Don took off running and hit the creek to get away from William. William took a shot at him and shot his finger off. When Don would tell the story he would say, "he shot me like a dirty dog, he did!" Then he would chortle with laughter. It never occured to him to be embarrassed, I don't think.

One time, Little man (Don's oldest son) bet the guys at school that Don was so strong he could lift the house up. Don didn't want to disappoint so he stapled his fingers to the house in an effort to give himself more traction. Unfortunately it didn't help. He did make a pretty penny betting people he could pick up the Volkswagon though. He was known for his strength.

Don was a hero. When he found out one of his daughters was dealing with an abusive husband, he IMMEDIATELY solved the problem. He marched into her house and told her to leave with the kids. He educated her husband in the proper treatment of women. She never had to fool with that man again, except to get a divorce.

As an adult I made a trip back to WV from Florida one time. I decided to stop and see my aunt and uncle. Even though they were divorced, he lived in a trailer behind the house. I ran up and hugged him when I saw him because it had been years. He was thrilled to see me. However, his girlfriend wasn't thrilled about it. (she was my age and had never seen me) She stood there bitching and we just laughed and totally ignored her. That was his way.

I went to see him when he was dying of cancer. He was so sick that he couldn't speak but he held my hand and let me know he was glad I had come to see him. I was glad that I had that chance to say goodbye.

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