Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is It REALLY Necessary?

I have been watching female softball pitchers lately. They are still pitching the same way they did a generation ago. I know this because I was a softball player.

I wonder if it is really necessary for a female to do that roundhouse windup when she pitches?

I know that it used to be but girls aren't raised like they were even a generation ago, as we were raised differently from our mothers. Many girls are true athletes from a young age. Two generations ago girls just dabbled in sports. In my generation a concerted effort was made to get girls involved. Title nine was passed when I was in grade school. They told us it would make a huge difference in women's sports...and it has. I can tell a trememdous difference in today's female athletes.

I'm thinking that this one last throwback in women's pitching isn't necessary. Girls don't naturally throw that way. They pretty much throw the same way guys do until somebody tells them, "hey, you're a girl. You have to do it like this."

Maybe it is time to change the way female pitchers pitch.

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