Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I was so scared I stopped in mid pee

I didn't know that was physically possible.

My husband and I had just remodled an old trailer. We had moved into the middle of a swam in Loxahatchee, Fl, to raise our greyhounds the way we wanted them to be raised. We had to put in a complete new floor and a whole new bathroom.

I was christening the toilet.

I looked over and on the side of the bathtub was the absolute biggest spider that I had ever seen in my life! It scared me so bad that I stopped in mid pee! It was easily bigger than my hand and that was just the body - each leg was probably about 8 inches long! It was large and brown and spindly. It was a brown recluse spider. (highly poisonous)

The moment I saw it every muscle in my body tensed up. I froze in place on the toilet! I clenched my muscles so hard that there was no longer any urine flowing into the toilet! Apparently my vocal cords were also clenched shut because when I tried to yell for my husband for help - only a raspy whisper left my mouth.

I was sure that he couldn't hear me even though he was just in the next room. I kept repeating "Bobby" over and over but basically nothing but air was leaving my body. Thankfully he heard me and came running. I couldn't say anything but I didn't have to. He saw the problem the second he hit the bathroom door.

He cursed as he looked for something to kill it. I couldn't move. I was afraid if I moved one muscle the "thing" would catapult itself straight at me and it was only about 2 feet away from my leg! Thankfully he killed it! I was so relieved I was almost in tears.

You know how a spider shrivels up when you kill it? This one was so big that it was still bigger than my fist when it was lying there in it's crispy, contorted mess. Thankfully he killed it with the first hit. We soon learned that brown recluse spiders, in addition to being poisonous are also highly aggressive. If you don't kill them the first time you go after them then they will come after you.


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