Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Great Owl Attack

When I lived in the swamp in Loxahatchee, Florida, there was an abandoned trailer on the property. One day I decided to explore it. It was completely abandoned except for a little weather and nature that had blown in the broken windows. When I went into one of the bedrooms and looked on the closet shelf there were two of the most adorable baby owls.

Their feathers were still down and they had the biggest eyes on such a tiny body that I had ever seen. Their mother had secreted them in a corner on the closet shelf. It was a wonderful place to hide babies. They took my breath they were so pretty. I knew not to touch the nest, in fact I didn't go much past the open door to the bedroom. I didn't want to leave my scent and have the mom abandon them or something.

I was leaving the trailer and I was almost at the front door which was in the kitchen. There was an open pantry on the other side of the room. I heard a noise coming from it and I turned to see a HUGE mama owl swooping out of the pantry and coming at me with both front feet forward and her huge talons extended for me!

There was no time to think. I shot out the door and slammed it closed behind me. It had barely latched when I heard a giant thump against the other side of the door. Mama had hit the door in her zeal to kill me and protect her babies. I was afraid to move and I pinned myself against the trailer and waited.

I was scared that she was going to come flying out of the trailer to find me. I waited a few minutes until I was sure that she wasn't going to make an appearance. Then I hotfooted it home. Relieved that I made it out alive.

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