Sunday, May 22, 2011


We were going camping and stopped by my grandparents house on the way. It was always great to stop because I was pepaw's "pick of the litter" and of course my granny was "Aunt Bea" personified. I was about 5 years old. We got out of the car and I raced to greet my grandparents as they were coming from out back to greet us. I was instantly distracted by a huge "pile of sand" at the back of the yard!

Before anyone could say anything I raced toward the huge pile screaming "Saannd, Saannd!!!" I can remember people calling in the back ground "Pam, Stop!" "NO PAM NO!!", but there was no stopping me . I raced to the pile and I took a flying leap and landed on all fours. As I sailed through the air and even before my impact into the massive pile I knew it was NOT sand. IT WAS TOO LATE! I landed a few feet into a huge truckload of cow manure that they had just had delivered for the garden! I was knee deep and elbow deep in COW SHIT! Fortunately I didn't do a faceplant but I was definitely face to face with the stuff as I immediately began to yowl as only a 5 year old can when faced with such an impossible situation. Even my pony tails were covered in the stuff!

I remember my pepaw pulling me out by my waist and my granny hosing me off because my mom refused to touch me. My dad and brother and sister thought it was the funniest thing ever and it took forever for me to live it down. We couldn't leave to go camping until my granny had given me a bath and my clothes were washed.


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