Sunday, May 29, 2011

"There were about 20 police were at your house last night"...

...that's what my neighbor told me one morning when I pulled up to unlock the gate to my property. "What in the world were they doing at my house," I asked.

"They were looking for your bear."

"Bear, what bear?"

"Somebody called them and told them say saw a bear going up the hill. They came to find it."

"I've never seen a bear," I told him. "Next time tell them to leave it alone. There's a hundred acres up there. Plenty of room."

My neighbor laughed and started to tell me about my kittens moving into his house. He's lonely and kind of likes it. It's a good thing because neither one of us seem to be able to keep them out!

That conversation was a few years ago when I had my 100 acres. Today there was a report of a bear sighting about a mile from the 100 acres. I long do bears live anyway?

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