Saturday, March 14, 2009

Even the Vet didn't believe this one

My dog Chuckles was in heat. I had a samoyed mix named BJ that was under 3 months old. I THOUGHT that BJ was so young that it wouldn't matter so I left him in the pen with Chuckles. One day I looked outside to see BJ and Chuckles locked together! I raced outside to see if I could stop it, but I couldn't.

I called my veterinarian while they were still locked up and asked him if Chuckles could possibly get pregnant. He did not believe me. Even when I told him that I was still looking at them out my window. Even he thought it was impossible for a dog that young to mate. He did say though that IF they were locked together then she would most probably be pregnant. That being said, he still thought it was impossible!

I am happy to report that Chuckles got a freebie. She did not get pregnant. But I will never, never put a male in the pen with a female - I don't care how old he is!


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